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What Are Dental İmplants

What Are Dental İmplants

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What Are Dental İmplants

what are dental implants Today, the implant is the closest alternative to natural teeth. The implant provides a better speech and chewing mechanism than bridges and prostheses. The implant method gives your face a natural look.


The implant has jaw bone and dental implants associated with implant teeth and teeth. Long life and lifetime problems are used in the area titanium screws. Dentists are placed in the jawbone with a small surgical method in sterile environments.

How are dental implants made?

Dental Implant Treatment and Results According to X-ray results. The main point in the treatment of implants is to replace the person’s own teeth and the reasons. a problem.

Implant each patient?

The implant screws have a height and a height, having a height and width. The appropriate volume of bone tissue, advanced surgical technique, ”graft“ tissue can be reinforced and made suitable for implant. What Are Dental İmplants

It may also be the quality of the existing bone. The general condition of the patient is good and there is no age limit to prevent the teeth. Reminder for the health and health of your teeth. For oral care and dentist controls, the tester has an extremely important role to prevent distortion. Implant application for very young patients whose bone development has been completed.

What Are Dental İmplants

As with all dental treatments, oral hygiene in the treatment of the implant too. Life’s done with oral hygiene. An implant-treated person should deal with oral hygiene. In individuals with poor oral hygiene, implants are not fitted. What Are Dental İmplants

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