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  • DATE: 24.06.2019
Always tired? So “Smartsleep” from “The Cave of the Lions” can help you!

Always tired? So “Smartsleep” from “The Cave of the Lions” can help you!

Had a short night and the next morning dead tired? Not only new parents know this. The product “Smartsleep” from “The Cave of the Lions” will change that in the future. Thanks to the invention you should be fit and well rested in the morning despite little sleep. We tested Smartsleep in advance and revealed what it is all about.

It sounds like a dream come true: sleep only 5 hours and wake up in the morning anyway fit and relaxed. Maybe that’s what the product innovation “Smartsleep” is doing, which will be presented in the fifth season of the hit show “The Cave of the Lions”. Clever mind behind the invention, which sounds like a blessing to shifter, night owls, and baby parents, is sleep scientist dr. Markus Dvorak.

How did the idea for Smartsleep come about?

The topic “sleep” fascinated Dr. Markus Dworak since his PhD at the Sport University Cologne. His dissertation was so good that he got a three-year scholarship from the prestigious Harvard Medical School in Boston. He joined a research group that examined sleeping processes at the molecular level.

The central question: Which substances are responsible for the fact that sleep is restful? And how can one optimize the deep sleep phases? The goal: to identify a mix of vitamins and minerals that ensures that you wake up well rested in the morning despite fewer hours of sleep. And that’s exactly what the research team is all about. Markus Dworak succeeded: Smartsleep was born.

What is Smartsleep and how does it work?

Smartsleep is a patented dietary supplement and the result of nearly ten years of research. The ampoule and the two chewable tablets contain concentrated nutrients that help to fall asleep, optimize the deep sleep and REM phases and thus accelerate the natural recovery: “Sleep is virtually compressed and you are fit and efficient even after short nights,” explains the scientist.

The key ingredient in Smartsleep is creatine, an energy molecule that is processed in the two chewable tablets. Dr. Markus Dworak explains its effect: “Shortly after falling asleep, there is an energy boost in the brain in the deep sleep phases. This energy is used in the subsequent sleep phases for regeneration processes in the body. We go through all processes, we wake up fit and recovered. It has been shown that a creatine intake significantly reduces sleep requirements, sleep is more efficient. ”


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