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  • DATE: 22.04.2019
Bootylicious: These 8 styling tricks make your butt look crispier

Bootylicious: These 8 styling tricks make your butt look crispier

ou want a crisp butt? With the following 8 styling tricks, you’ll make a bigger butt!

Ever since stars such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or fitness model Pamela Reif have been presenting their backs on Instagram in a media-effective way, we, too, have been dreaming of having a larger and, above all, plump butt. But somehow, despite the workout, it does not really work with the dream booty.

Frustrated? We end the butt-envy! Here are 8 styling tricks that will immediately make your butt look a lot more crisp.

1. Put the upper part in the waistband

First, simplest, but most important styling rule for a tighter butt: Put your top in the waistband. The reason is simple: your Booty can only look crispier when you see it. If he is half hidden by his shirt or blouse, even the best styling tricks will not help.


2. Emphasize your waist

The slimmer the waist, the more plump and bigger the buttocks. Instead of reaching for straight-cut dresses or wide tops, you should wear better tailored clothing. Also great: crop tops and backless tops! The direct the view to the back and thereby emphasize the bottom in addition.


3. Pay attention to the buttocks

So that your butt looks crisp and round, the shape, size and position of the back pockets is crucial. Because do not fit the buttocks form your butt looks more like flat pancake as a bulging peach.

Generally, small, slightly slanted and more centrally positioned pockets , make the butt look fuller. In contrast, large deep-seated back pockets quickly make for a hanging po. Pay attention when shopping pants especially on the buttocks.


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