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  • DATE: 24.06.2019
Combine shorts: This is the perfect look for every figure!

Combine shorts: This is the perfect look for every figure!

You think your body is not fit for shorts? What a crap. We show you that every woman can wear short pants!

The thighs too thick, the breasts too small, the butt too big, the belly too dizzy – we women are never really satisfied with our figure. But instead of always concealing our bodies, we should begin to make peace with our curves (or missing curves). After all, nobody should prescribe to us – not even our inner voice – what we are allowed to wear and what not.

Whether slim, curvy, short or tall, every woman has the right to wear what she wants and what she feels comfortable with. For what is more beautiful on a hot summer’s day than when the wind blows around your bare legs? So get out of the long pants and into airy shorts!

Combine Shorts: The Most Beautiful Blogger Looks to Re-Style

Shorts are the perfect garment for hot days and so much more practical than a miniskirt or a short dress. In addition, the shorts are real styling wonders, because they are super easy to combine. How exciting outfits with shorts can look and how great the shorts can be worn in autumn, prove these blogger looks!

Which shorts are announced now?

An absolute must this year: wide-cut shorts made of linen or light, flowing cotton fabrics – like striped. They are wonderfully comfortable and add a casual touch to your look. Also in high demand: high-waist shorts in retro style. They look great and exude Italian Capri flair. The disadvantage of these trendy shorts – unfortunately they are not so comfortable when sitting. Pleasant and also announced: hip denim shorts in destroyed look. Super sexy!


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