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  • DATE: 24.06.2019
Combine T-Shirt: SO you should wear the Basic from now on!

Combine T-Shirt: SO you should wear the Basic from now on!

It belongs to the absolute fashion must-haves and is on top of that also wonderfully cheap: the white T-shirt. How fashionable women combine the basic now and which shirts are trend, you will learn in the great styling guide!

A high on white T-shirts! The basics are simply THE styling wonders in the wardrobe. They can not only be combined in a versatile way, but also lend any outfit a fresh, sporty touch immediately. How versatile a white T-shirt can be styled prove these looks!

Real must-haves: After these T-shirts are now all crazy

The blogger styles show: In addition to the white long-running stars, in 2018 shirts with lettering will set the tone. The great thing about the trend shirts: They not only look stylish, but also transport a (political) message. With slogans like “The Future is Female” you show your opinion to the world.


Combine T-shirt: These are the most important styling rules

For those who are generally unsure about combining, a simple T-shirt is the perfect garment. The white shirt is a true change artist, fits in with everything and looks very different, depending on what you combine it with.

Although the T-shirt itself is a sporty garment, you can also combine it with elegant, rocking or casual clothing .

Our tip: Take a little time, stand in front of your wardrobe and gradually combine the white T-shirt with different trousers, skirts and jackets. You’ll be surprised how cool looks look!


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