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  • DATE: 22.04.2019
Levi’s x Snoppy Cooperation

Levi’s x Snoppy Cooperation

We spoke last week at Instagram about Disney’s latest collaboration, Opening Ceremony, and about the never-ending Disney love of the fashion world. After Disney characters, Snoopy is undoubtedly the most sophisticated line character in the fashion world. Snoopy, which has been a subject of various brands for years, is presenting a capsule collection with Levi’s this time.

2018 Dog Year

The iconic moments of Snoopy are ahead of all of us, right? This is where Levis, who carries these moments on t-shirts, chaps, cloth bags and coats, is open to innovations as well as being a timeless denim/street wear brand. Even though it is a simple capsule collection, this cooperation succeeds in taking us to our childhood. Besides Snoopy’s popular selection, this year’s Chinese New Year is also a dog year. Even Gucci even prepared a collection of dogs with a special dog for the year. But we do not know how much attention these Chinese consumers will attract. You can find this collection of capsules that smells nostalgia online and in stores.

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