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  • DATE: 22.04.2019
THESE 4 styling mistakes will make your legs look shorter!

THESE 4 styling mistakes will make your legs look shorter!

We all want long, slender legs. But so that we at least visually come a little closer to the dream, we should avoid THIS styling errors as far as possible.

Styling error # 1: Light pants and dark shoes

If you want your legs to look longer in the white pants, then do not mix dark, chunky shoes with them. Because this creates visually a hard break between calves and feet. Which ensures that the legs look shorter.

Better: wear either open shoes to light pants or models in nude. Super are, for example, pointed pumps. These provide a smooth transition and extend the legs visually.


Styling bug # 2: Wrong rock

Those who are rather short and have short legs with strong calves should banish skirts that reach to the middle of the calf out of his closet. This length compresses the character and makes your legs look look much shorter. Better: Attack to a rock, the maximum ranges to just above the knees. Generally, shorter, narrow skirts make the legs look longer than mid-length ones.


Styling error # 3: Too long top

The top can also make your legs look shorter – when it’s too long. Rich blouse, shirt and Co. to over the hips, they extend the upper body visually. At the same time they shorten the legs.

Better: Grab shorter cut tops and combine a pair of high-cut pants or a skirt with a high waistband. Or simply put the hem of your top into the trouser or waistband. This not only ensures longer legs, but also makes the waist look slimmer.



Styling error # 4: Too much contrast

For your legs to look long and slim, it’s important to avoid harsh contrasts in your look. They would visually divide your body and make your legs look shorter. Give up on suits like white blouse and black pants.

Better: choose upper and lower part in the same color or a similar degree of brightness. Instead of combining white jeans with a dark t-shirt, wear a model in a light wash.






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