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  • DATE: 22.04.2019
These outfits are super-fast styled!

These outfits are super-fast styled!

3-minute styling for the morning grouch: These outfits are super-fast styled


Would you do anything to sleep 10 minutes longer in the morning? Then you should know these quick styling tricks for morning muffle!

There are women who stand in the morning forever in front of the mirror to perfect their styling. I do not count them. I belong to the group of people who really do EVERYTHING to sleep longer.

That’s why I’ve developed morning strategies to be as effective and fast as possible in terms of outfit. Here are my secret styling tricks for all morning muffle.

Styling Trick 1: Trust in the power of the white blouse!

I count the white blouse among the great styling wonders. It conjures up a Schluffi look with jeans and sneakers IMMEDIATELY the “I understand something of fashion” – Style . Important here, however, is the cut of the white blouse. Instead of a classic tailored business blouse you should put on a slightly longer straight cut blouse made of a flowing fabric. Carmen blouses , models with a small stand-up collar or blouses with a deep V-neck


Styling-trick 2: score with eye-catching shoes!

No time and no desire for an elaborate outfit? Then just wear eye-catching shoes. The lend a simple basic outfit with stripes shirt and jeans equal to that certain something.

Personally, I think the very trendy metallic sneakers are great – they are super stylish and super comfortable. The most beautiful sneakers of the season I put together in the gallery.


Styling trick 3: sprinkle glitter over it!

It’s not wrong to say, ‘If your life annoys you, glitter over it’. This also applies to the outfit. A little bling-bling and everyone thinks “wow”!

In my wardrobe, I have a part that I always put on when I have absolutely no time for the morning in the morning: a glittering T-shirt in rose gold.

I combine my wow T-shirt with gray skinny jeans , a gray cuddly cardigan and black lace-up shoes. Because the top glitters so nicely , I do not need a chain anymore.

In the gallery, I show you beautiful glitter shells, with which you can upgrade simple outfits easily and quickly!


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