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  • DATE: 22.04.2019
Beauty secrets from Victoria’s Secret show

Beauty secrets from Victoria’s Secret show

1 – Hair
Natural wavy hair was preferred on the podium this year. Hairstylist Anthony Nader stated that curly hair models kept their natural state and concentrate on straight hair. To create this hairstyle, squeeze a styling spray before hitting the hair. Then wrap the hair with a 3 cm thick tuft of random hair from your hair. Apply to curl to different directions for a more natural look.

2 – Eye Makeup
We have witnessed this year’s stunning smoky eye makeup on the angels. First of all, a natural headlight is applied to the eyelids with a glowing headlight. At the fold of the eyelid, the depth is joined by a blown headlight. An eyeliner of medium thickness and a brown head of lower eyelash were applied on the lash line. For a bright and healthy look, the eye fountains are illuminated. And at the finals, at least 2 layers of mascara were applied!

3 – Lips
Nude tones are preferred on the lips. The makeup artist Tom Pecheux applied Victoria’s Secret’s Adidored Liquid Matte Lipstick with his fingers. Then the pattern is most suitable according to the natural lip coloring applied to another lipstick than the other.

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