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What is ophthalmic surgery and how is it done?

What is ophthalmic surgery and how is it done?

The aesthetic surgery performed on the eyelid is called ‘Blefaroplasti’ in the medical literature. The eyelids have a special design because it is the thinnest structure of the body, constant movement and very easily affected by environmental factors.

How are eyelids affected by aging?

The aging indicator now appears primarily at the age of 30, primarily due to the formation of wrinkles and eye bags around the eyes. Over time, the tension of our eyelids is reduced, eyebrows are piled up on our eyes. Deep parts of the fat tissues of the outward pressure on the sags and bags under and over occur. During the natural aging process, weighing skin and fatty tissues hanging over your eyes constrict your field of vision and parallel wrinkles on your forehead begin to form on the back of your eyebrows as a reflex.

Due to the skin hanging over our eyes, our visual acuity also decreases, and in the evening we may have headaches due to keeping our forehead muscles too stretched.

What is the purpose of cosmetic eyelid surgery?

The upper eyelids are lifted with the eyelid aesthetic, the bags swollen above and below the eye are removed. So it’s aimed to make the eye look younger, to have a sharper and more expressive look at our patients. In addition, the common complaints of patients with tired, angry or sleepy appearance, eyelid aesthetic surgery can be corrected.

Eye-eyelid surgeries are not actually done just to remove aesthetic problems. It can also be caused by congenital or acquired eyelid drooping (lowering) or skin tumors on the eyelid. Aesthetic eyelid surgeries can be planned for functional reasons as well as cosmetic achievements, facilitating many important daily activations such as increasing the diminished visual field, making eyes easier to open, reading books.

How to prepare for eyelid surgery?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery is a relatively simple attempt compared to other aesthetic surgeries. Nevertheless, as with all surgery, a thorough investigation of your eye health and general health status should be done before this surgery.

If you have any complaints about the eye (such as eye pressure, eye contact, use of lenses and glasses), an eye doctor will definitely ask for your opinion. You should definitely tell your doctor about all the medicines you used before the surgery, especially blood thinners, and any surgeries that you have had before.

How to perform eye aesthetic surgeries and how long does it last?

Eyesight eyelid surgery, which is usually not long-lasting, can be performed under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia can also be preferred as a result of joint decisions of the patient and the physician.

This procedure can last up to 1 hour when the upper and lower eyelids are operated together, while the ophthalmic surgery lasts about 20 minutes only for the upper eyelid. After the operation, discharge is usually done on the same day.

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