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If you choose a concealer without knowing your sub-tones, you will have brought the product to the fore. For this reason, it is very important to choose the most suitable concealer tone. Let’s start by underlining that the skin tone is not the same as the skin tone. There are three skin sub-tonals: hot, cold and neutral … If you have a hot sub-tone, prefer orange or yellow sub-tone products. If you have a cold sub-tone, choose a pink sub-tone. Also, you can use concealers in different tones for different areas of your face. For example, by selecting a light color from your skin tone to an under eye color, you can make this region appear brighter and still. If you have a dry skin, do not choose a liquid concealer matted because dry areas in your skin will appear more often.

How is it applied?

A normal sealer is applied to the skin before the foundation. But you should apply the concealer after putting on make-up base and foundation. If you are going to conceal first, you will be distributing the concealer areas where you apply the foundation. If you apply it after finishing Concealer, your skin will have a more natural and radiant appearance.

In the meantime, apply your concealer with a brush, not your fingers, to keep a trace and drive it in the right way. Do not forget to pass it over with powder to fix it.

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