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  • DATE: 22.04.2019
Spring / Summer 2019 Fashion Trends Will Happen?

Spring / Summer 2019 Fashion Trends Will Happen?

We were in the Spring / Summer 2019 Trend seminar last week, sponsored by İHKİB in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul. From the world’s most important trend company WGSN, the seminar that Amy Hendry told us about what to see next year in the fashion world, included tips that everybody interested in fashion should know.

Rise of China and India

China and India are among the pioneering countries in the world of fashion. According to Amy Hendry, starting next year, China and India will start to be among the leading countries in design and brands.

According to Hendry, the ‘yoga’ trend, which has deeply affected the fashion and lifestyle world for five to ten years, will not go one place in 2019, says Loungewear, which means that home wear will be a growing market. We will continue to see the pieces inspired by Yogan. With all this yoga and loungewear trends we will see soft and natural earth tones on such pieces.


Spring / Summer 2019 Colors

“The colors have a healing effect on humans,” says Hendry, as political turbulence and activism in recent years have entered the fashion scene, and the interest in earth tones will increase next year. Organic dye will be a new trend in the production of colors. In the days when sustainability is important in every field, the paints obtained from plants will be influenced by niche brands.

So what will we see in men’s wear in Spring / Summer 2019?

We can talk about the technical details and the practicality of the men’s clothes will become increasingly important. Like every other area, the technology will show its influence in men’s fashion strongly, for example men’s jackets to be made from breathable fabrics will be on the radar of all of us.

Street style and sportswear that will guide the contemporary men’s wear will not lose anything in 2019. In the men’s wear, “washed-out” looking pieces will come out and we will see the fabrics from different textures. Although men’s wear is under the influence of sportswear and street style, the Y and Z generations will gradually begin to explore classical men’s clothing. The millenniums will begin to adapt these pieces to the style by blending them with sportswear, although it does not adapt to the style as if it were parts such as suits, vests from the past. Hiphop will continue to affect men’s clothing, but this time the color tones will change …

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